This is the second album release of Ras Amerlock on LCL and still the same pleasure to spread his wild and authentic vibe.

Featuring some state of the art vocalists and musicians such as Brother Culture, Natty Nation, Dubmatix & Rudy Alba, this new collection of niceness will not let your hips sleepy for long !”


LCL – august 2011

Beloved listeners, what we have here is a non “failure to communicate”.A collection of goings on in the direct environs on Ras Amerlock;but also globally.

Emotional times create emotional music; here are several heart filled soul powered tracks co-created by Ras Amerlock and various artists or in the case of Natty Nation A Ras Amerlock at the controls Remix of the original.

Together we share the pain and the victory.

We hope you enjoy these songs as well as more material by the artists as well.

Thanks to : Rudy Alba (Scotland), Brother Culture (England), Dubmatix (Canada), Natty Nation (United States), Flex Studios (London,UK).

Thank You LibreCommeLair comme d’habitude for this honor, the world is a better place due to you and the team.

Thank you listeners for the ears-there is a bit of you all in every good song that we put to you.

See you in the stars! *this EP is also the soundtrack to an up and coming Romance/Espionage Film “Sylvilogie” due in Summer 2012, so here is an advanced taste, may the music tell the story until then.


**Also “Eine Geschichte von zwei Brüdern plus einen vom Alpha”-12″ Vinyl release. Science of The Trinity International. “I’ll try to save the Earth for you…” RAS AMERLOCK – august 2011



/Dub con sabor añejo, de altísima calidad y con unas colaboraciones locales a la altura de un gran trabajo. “Oir Para Creer – september 2011




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