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Another Position’ features two new tracks and

one collaboration from the Edinburgh bass maestro, plus two exclusive remixes of our vgery own Full Blush, and the mighty Prtofisee (Cloak X Dagger, Great Ezcape, Scotland Yard).



Morphamish describes this release as: “summery jiggly melodic atmospheric rump shaking bass music with plenty of swung beats.” Perfect accompaniment to the late nights and good times of the summer months!




Trailer review – Bass Collector

1. Profisee – Movin (Morphamish Remix 2)
Very tasty grimey track with smart beats and catchy flow on vocals. Original version is also free and avaiable to download on Profisee’s and Phuturelabs soundcloud pages.

2. Morphamish – Lookatcha
Sweet and hypnotizing rhythm provided by amount of percussion and low basslines. Let’s wait for whole track.

3.  Morphamish – Another Position (VIP)
Another tune with same deep and thoughtful mood. Perfect soundtrack for ocean views and beach games. Oh, feeling this so much! VIP for main track on this album. Let’s go and hear what original mix brings to us!

4. Morphamish & Mako – Ooo
Very stylish one. ‘Intelligent Bass Music’ – this is how I call this sound. Groovy bassline pattern with smart floating beat.

5. Full Blush – Engine #3 (Morphamish Remix)
Amazing touch on Full Blush’s production (which is also BLM contributor btw). Stylistically it differs from the Original version (also free) but feelings are still same. Mysterious and groovy. Pay attention on vocals. Amazing!

6. Morphamish – Another Position (Original Mix)
Much slower and less intensive then VIP. Still nice chilling vibes. Beautiful one! Ideal for late summer business.

Lets see how it turn out with full tracks. Thank you Morphamish and Black Lantern Music. Keep it real! Respect!



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