SOUNDTIPS → [MASTERMND XS – Reset all Systems EP]






adr-004  Reset All Systems is the first full-length release by Daniel Stephan & Heiko Petry, aka, Mastermind XS.

It’s a 12-track album of fine reggae and dub grooves, and we think you’ll like it. You can download the album directly by clicking here! 

As always it’s free to download, and released under a creative commons license. Spread the love about this album. It’s our early halloween gift to you!



I Want To Get My Money Back!  I didn’t pay for this shit you gave me!

Don’t worry, that’s not this album, that’s just the lyrics from All Back To Mine, the first track from Reset All Systems: a 12 track masterpiece from Daniel Stephan & Heiko Petry, aka, Mastermind XS.

Based in Saarbrücken, Germany, these two friends have already released one EP on the LCL label, called One Dub Many Roots, and were on the first release from Angel Dust Records: Dust Particles, Volume One.

We’re very proud that the guys have come back to ADR for their first full-length release, and what a great album it is. Released under a Creative Commons license, you don’t have to pay anything. You can share it with your friends, play tracks on your podcast, or tell the world via your blog. Just don’t forget to drop the guys a line at and tell them how much you enjoyed it!





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