SOUNDTIPS → [MIRROR STATE – extension EP (Broken Bubble records]








The latest escape from the Broken Bubble vaults is a collection of minimal 2-step excellence laid down by Melbourne-based deep-head Mirror State. Darkness runs through the veins of these tracks (Night Tracks called it “the darkest release I’ve heard so far this year”), but there’s a whole load of funk to be found in Mirror’s razor sharp percussion, ghostly vocals and pulsing sub bass.

If you were a fan of Fedbymachines’ EP at the tail-end of 2011 (and who wasn’t?) this will be right up your street,

On top of 6 originals come a 4/4 reworking from Second Line (soon to be re-appearing on the Bubble under his Splines alias) and an acid-fuelled dubfunk adventure with Macka.

It’s been a good week for the Australian, as well as this release he just celebrated the 1st anniversary of his weekly Sub FM show, on which you can catch him showcasing the best current and future garage every Sunday at 07:00 (GMT)

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