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Revolutionary dub vibrations (chapter three)



Revolutionary dub vibrations is a collection proposed by Dub Vibrations.

Dub Vibrations is a netlabel that emerged from the ashes of the original online reggae community Versionist. Not only the label is dedicated to furthering the message of Dub and Conscious Roots, but it also organizes international live events (So far Germany, Spain, UK and USA).
For more information about Dub Vibrations, we request you to visit the website of the label:
For this third volume, Dub Vibrations proposes again some goods vibes inna dubwise style.

01. Fullness – The King Shall Return
02. El Bib meets the Senior Allstars – Everbodys Dubbin
03. Solomon Jabby – Jericho Horns Dub
04. Don Fe fea. Lorenzo Barbero – One Dog Field of Sheep
05. Dubology – Dalifadub
06. Earlyworm – Orbit the Lion
07. Prince Jamo – Lioness protects her cub
08. Digikal Roots meet Dubmatix feat Ranking Joe – Jah Praises Dub
09. i Mitri / Counteraction Warriors – Jah Mystic
10. Barbes.D meets Alpha and Omega feat. Gregory Fabulous – Trample the Eagle Dub
11. Jah Billah meets Friglob – Abba Dub
12. Ital and Vital feat. Camila M – Magma Melodica Cut
13. Ras Cricket – First Trumpet
14. Anti Bypass – Sexy Boy in Dub
15. Muflon Dub – Children of Dub
16. Steve Steppa – Rockers Riddim Revisited
17. Mystical Warrior – Unterstanding Verse 1
18. GadManDubs – Follow Jah
19. Peacemakers / Iditafari Family – Freedom Dub
20. R Dug – Jahman Style
21. Malone Rootikal – Close your Eyes
22. Bandulu Dub meets Jah Free – King of the Earth







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