This is an album that tells the story of the labyrinth in human relationships and how complex they are sometimes.
The tracks themselves are extremely varied, filled with thoughts and feelings of the artist.

Based in Varna, Bulgaria, Mloski produces mostly IDM, but is also inspired from variety of other styles in music.

His sound is very distinctive for its depth and emotional message.
Regardless the style, it is easy recognizable by its atmospheric pads, deep reverberations, hard beats and catchy rhythmics.

contact :


released 12 June 2012
All tracks are composed and produced by Anton Litovchenko, expect Sea Black which was composed and produced by Anton Litovchenko and Ivan Shopov.

All tracks mastered by Ivan Shopov in Balkansky Studio / Sofia

Artwork by Ivan Shopov :
Layout by : Nina Georgieva :


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