SOUNDTIPS → [DUBCOMBE RECORDS RELEASES – Dub3normal (DCR001) & Mildtape (DCR002) ]


(dcr002) MILDTAPE from TURIN

(dcr001) DU3NORMAL from BUDAPEST


DCR it was born from the passion for Dub music and derivative heavy bass based genres. After delivering to the public different projects like Jungle’n’Wobbles Radio and the lab-label Ephedrina Netlabel  it was needed to stream our attention in one specific direction. There are so many producers around which are still delivering exceptional music but still in the darkness; there are so many dub productions that deserve to be listen and played…but still unheard.

Therefore, our intention to give our little contribution to make such a wonderful music genre come to surface, here is our attempt to make people aware that there are numerous different creation behind the “easy-to-digest” chart playlists!
We will mainly focus on the genres of Dub, Digital Dub, DubTechno and some variations of Dub/step launching our very first release on the 10th of FEBRUARY 2012, the day when DubCombe Records will be officially born!



“Every object has a shadow. You have to find your own shadow. Every song could be dubbed. You have to find the dub.”

(Mad Professor)

DU3normal is a dub producer from budapest. He has played guitar in different reggae bands for 10 years. He was the member of the first Hungarian live dub band and published the first dub poems in Hungary. In 2010 he started to produce his own music influenced by all the great dub artists – no matter if they are playing old or new dub.





Mildtape is a studio project created in 2008 by italian producers Rug and Simo [Turin]. Mildtape focuses his attention on the dub’s infinite possibilities of evolution and mutation  blending together, with the art of mixing, different genres with synthetically designed sounds . After a considerable number of successful  releases of notorious European netlabels, Mildtape lands on DubCombe Records with his new “Coat Rack EP” delivering an intricately deep and dark fusion of dub echos with spacey ambient sonorities, perfectly matched with DubCombe’s underground style!




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