SOUNDTIPS → [AAVV – Strictly Analog Dub EP (dubbhism netlabel)]







Dubbhism presents a compilation of 10 analog dub artists ~ free download (netlabel release).


When dub first started, all studio equipment was analog. That produced the classic sound of dub. Right now ‘Strictly Analog Dub’ brings back a part of that original vibe. Because raw & dutty analog sound is good for you, especially in these times of too much digital 3D photoshop perfection.

Wait! We’re not in this holy war, saying that analog studio equipment is ‘better’ than digital. It’s just that for dub music there can be some interesting advantages. Dub music is ~ among other things ~ about spontaneous sound creation, and also about pushing the equipment to it’s limits or even beyond: ‘abusing’ it. The problem with computers and digital dub gear is that you can’t really abuse it. Digital boxes just freeze or give you a ‘blue screen of death’ if you push really hard. Boring.. that’s why analog and dub are such a good match.

In these computerized times, it’s only natural that certain musicians (in both acoustic and electronic styles) prefer to use adventurous, unpredictable music equipment like spring reverb units and tape echo machines, and not the domesticated digital derivation. It’s not a retro thing, it’s just vibes. Enjoy!


THE TRACKLIST (all tracks 320 kbps ~ mp3)

01 delmighty sounds meets the lisbon dub collective ~ living hard feat. roberto sánchez (3:52)
02 rude rich and the high notes ~ african love dub (4:48)
03 spring reverb museum ~ shades (5:39)
04 the positronics ~ yeti dub (9:52)
05 the giants feat. putus roots ~ jah jah come (3:58)
06 negritage ~ dub to afrika (2:20)
07 uus energia ~ dub reorganizer (7:04)
08 the bassbully ~ liminal dub (4:24)
09 burnett town sound ~ old house (3:17)
10 tony dubshot ~ clint eastwood speaks his mind (3:16)

all rights reserved, (c) held by all artists respectively



All rights reserved, (c) Jana Voit 2012
Photographer: Jana Voit (portfolio )
Model: Jasmin Noffke

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