SOUNDTIPS → [ASHLEY – Tribulation in Dub EP (dubkey)]





English musician Ashley has been producing his own music since the age of thirteen!

He studied music at college and university, and he has performed with several jazz and rock bands.
He lists film composers John Barry and Bernard Herrmann as influences, so unsurprisingly, his dub tracks have a distinct vibe.

His other influences include roots singer Johnny Clarke, dub legends King Tubby and Lee Perry, and UK dub acts such as Vibronics and Bush Chemists.
Like a number of original Jamaican dub artists, Ashley is into electronics: he makes electronic gadgets and effects for his home studio.

He plays all the instruments on his tracks and he has been posting his music productions on the internet since 2004.

His first Dubkey album, ‘Land Of Dub’, was released in late 2011.

This was followed by the self-released ‘Roots In A Minor Key’ set.
the album…
This third Ashley album is a good demonstration of the artist’s progress as composer, musician, and dub mixer in these last twelve months or so.

The usual Ashley elements are present: steady drum and bass with rather elaborate arrangements on top; but somehow, this set sounds more musical than the previous ones.
The overall mood is also darker, a true reflection of the troubled times that the world is going through! This is not sunny happy-go-lucky reggae, this is pretty serious stuff!
Great works have always been produced during hard times. ‘Tribulation In Dub’ has 2012 written all over it! Heavy uncompromising UK dub – the sound of now!







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