Korrupt ‘s review of D-Operation Drop ‘Kabalah’:
“As a listener, you get sucked into the introduction of the tune right away. I’m loving the Impressive sample use, for example the vinyl crackles that comes forward in the mix, giving the intro an organic feeling along with those dangerous growls. The creepy pad and choirs combine with some dark basslines in the mid-range frequencies to add the dark flavour to the mix, properly done!

“The drop sounds very heavy, with the crazily-pounding kick dangerously combined with that snare. D-Operation drop use some nice low-end patterns that sound very warm and aggressive in a way – the patterns work out perfectly with the basslines in the mid-range! The percussive elements sound nice and minimal and there’s a great tribal vibe coming off it as well – straight quality. The drum patterns are nicely composed, arranged well with some great variations! It’s impressive how you hear all these samples come together to form one hell of a tune!

“The break sounds interesting; I like how those ghost-sounding samples kick back in and the growls develop to hit the listener hard at the second drop. The second drop is straight danger, with a great switch in drum patterns and the samples used! This one’s another quality tune by D-Operation Drop, but just wait for the VIP…”

This one’s a pretty decent way to celebrate reaching Wednesday.

Thanks to Italy’s D-Operation Drop for hooking FKOF up with these two beauties! 320 download enabled.

1. D-Operation Drop – Kabalah [FKOF free download] by FatKidOnFire
2. D-Operation Drop – Kabalah (VIP) [FKOF free download] by FatKidOnFire

D-Operation Drop


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