SOUNDTIPS → [ATABEY – The alignment on the 12_12_12 (Insectorama Netlabel)]







It is time for the last release in this year and we are back with a fantastic double album from atabey. with over 2hours of pure dubtechno.

12tracks and 6 remixes. remixes by Markus Masuhr, Roberto Figus, Substak, Vytis and Yoshihiro Arikawa thats the sound for this cold winter…I find no more words !!



01_ATABEY– tireo
02_ATABEY– strike1982
03_ATABEY– quisqueya
04_ATABEY– new and fun delay
05_ATABEY– guayabin
06_ATABEY– a virus chord
07_ATABEY– wandering within
08_ATABEY– luperotuen
09_ATABEY– jamamu
10_ATABEY– higueey
11_ATABEY– guatapanal
12_ATABEY– damajagua
13_ATABEY– guayabin [markus masuhr reduction]
14_ATABEY– tireo [markus masuhr dubedit]
15_ATABEY– a virus chord [yoshihiro arikawa remix]
16_ATABEY– new and fun delay [roberto figus remix]
17_ATABEY– new and fun delay [substak remix]
18_ATABEY– guayabin[vytis remix]




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