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The UK’s only multi-venue festival (Wee Dub Festival) dedicated to the diverse and enduring sound of Jamaican music returns next month, laying down a weekend of emerging and established bands, DJs, MCs and soundsystems throughout Edinburgh.

Since establishing itself in 2011 as a one night event in Studio 24, the brainchild of Edinburgh based Polish promoter Gregory Lapinski [Lionstage] has grown year on year and has established itself as an unmissable weekend of music on the Scottish scene.

I caught up with Chris Knight, co-organiser of the festival to talk Wee Dub and top picks for this year’s festival, with only a fortnight or so to go before the music begins.

Wee Dub Festival 2012

Having come into the Wee Dub Festival set up in 2012, after the rip-roaring success of the inaugural WDF, Chris’ music promotion project (Astrojazz – it has various other arms and legs too…), joined forces with Lionstage…

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  1. Cheers for the re-blog guys! UKB

  2. DUB IS DUB! 😉


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