SOUNDTIPS → [ THE UNCOWL – Swellnoswell EP (FullFridge009) ]



The Uncowl

Longstanding friends, junglist precursors, outstanding DJs / producers and pioneers of the French bass scene, K.Gol and Wheel form The Uncowl, an intriguing duo, crazy and intense, that revives the spirit of rave – minus the showboating effects
or unoriginal fashion postures- with unmatched fervour.

Born into the culture of underground pirate radios and brought up by countless ramifications of urban music over the past ten years (UK garage, dubstep, broken-beat, house, footwork), they established themselves in the obscure margins of the European
bass scene, weaving a network of underground connections that even wannabe hipsters would envy.

However, their goal is in a totally different place.

Hooded with a wry smile on their faces, they continue with over productivity, tirelessness and always with relevance, to provide the underground scene with feasts of breathless dark and hypnotic hymns.










1 –  The Uncowl – Fired up
2 – The Uncowl – Spread
3 – The Uncowl – Nightmare
4 – The Uncowl – Broken TV

Cat. Num. : FRIDG009
Written by K.Gol & Wheel
Mixed by The Uncowl & Mastered by Kinou
@ HomeRun Studio
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 – Fullfridge Music 2013)

As catchy as a rewind in sound system, yet subtle like the smell of summer rain on hot asphalt, Swell No Swell’s 4 tracks has nothing in common with poseur gimmicks and cheesy aesthetics.

Perfect junction between catchy technoïd rave sounds and embryotic dubstep, The Uncowl‘s prods are like ruthless wild beasts that hunt at night, and leave others running the sterile race towards flashes and fancy flowers that die just as quick as their fame.

Real recognize real.







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