SOUNDTIPS → [ FISHSTIX – Gunshot/Kurruption (ClashRecords) ]








Jeff Mohr AKA Fishstix 

first introduced to jungle / DnB in the mid 90’s.

Fishstix quickly fell in love with its fast paced, reggae influenced sounds, It was not until the summer of 1999 that he would move to NYC and experience his first true jungle party at the one and only Konkrete Jungle NYC.

Shortly after, in 2000 Fishstix would be turned on to mixing and stocking up on vinyl…..addicted Immediately, he would go on to share the stage with jungle heavy weights such as: Lion Dub, Dara, R.A.W, General Malice, Tester, Mad Dem Sound, Odi, Audio1 and many others.

As time went by, Fishstix became more and more interested in having a go at the production game.

So in 2005 he began writing his own unique beats, now with a few years experience under his belt….

Fishstix is becoming a recognized name in the Scene, blending a variety of sounds including : Jungle, Breakcore, Juke, Footwork, Dancehall, HipHop & hardcore, Fishstix bridges the multi-genre gap, and pushes his sound in new and exciting directions.




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