SOUNDTIPS → [VOODOO TAPES – Mixed Rituals (Aquietbump)]

VOODOO TAPES:Mixed rituals [Aqbmp031]





released on march, 2013
produced  by AQUIETBUMP label
under Creative Commons License 2.5 Ita



Good news everyone… Out of the cauldron here they come.
5 tracks from the skunkhead Gianni Blob, opening the upcoming season from Aquietbump.
5 soft pillows or 5 finely brewed sleeping potions.

Relax and pull down the sub crossover freq.




1 Mixed rituals feat. BreakStarr e Sonakine
2 1000 candles
3 Dangerous business with earlycrafted juju dolls
4 This is the life ind a nu taùt feat. Ronni Ketamo
5 Curse this!




get full album in free download from

cover artwork
Rosa “Muppi” Russo


written, recorded, mixed, dubbed and mastered by Gianni Blob
@Gianni Blob Engineering studio 2012



Voodoo Tapes contacts:

and thanx to:
Mario, Sara, Giuseppe and Rachele Roma + Rosa Russo for infinite support


produced and distributed by
Aquietbump label “
Under Creative Commons license 2.5 Ita BY-NC-ND



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