SOUNDTIPS → [IZ – Smothness (Spacedrome)]







Spacedrome is a collective of young DJs and producers formed by chance in Rome in April 2012.

The story is simple: five friends, each from a different Italian city, meet in small clubs of the capital and find that they all have the passion for the bass music.

So they decided to put together their own musical experiences, and giving life to Spacedrome, a constantly changing collective with the heroic mission to transplant this music scene in Rome.

In the role of the minimal dub pioneers, the crew is trying to create a space in which bring together the followers of bass music with the good intention of making it possible to know the shades of the deep side. Several musical productions are for free download on soundcloud and numerous tracks are ready to be released in the next months;

actually they’re working with the London label Records DubTribu.


RELEASE: Dub Tribu Records UK


Alex De Angelis – Odjox

Amedeo Inglese – IZ

Roberto Poli – Robeat

Francesco Bianchino – Nexus

Antonello Meloni – Mood





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