SOUNDTIPS:steppadub → [DUBNORMAL – More Time (Aztek Electronic Music)]


AZTEK ELECTRONIC MUSIC from Melbourne, Australia, Mexico




Du3normal – More Time

High-tech Dub/Reggae, mystical melodies and rhythms to dance, encompass this piece of artwork from Du3normal, featuring Daman in vocals.

In Aztek Electronic Music, is a tradition and a custom now to merge high quality music, with high quality visual artwork. To encompass a masterpiece. Du3normal’s album More Time has been visually blessed with the artwork from Mexican artist Manú Menéndez



Manú Menéndez

Art for healing art to fly without wings.

Manú Menéndez, is a visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

Manú Menéndez’s art is inspired by the ancient cultures of the world. Shamanism, Eastern mysticism, the dreams and the connection with the holy spirit, are some of the pillars of inspiration of his work which integrates magically in the art of illustration, design and fine arts.

Manu is currently working on Totemic “Animal”. The characters that make up this work full of color and magic are the guardian spirits. Animals, plants, rocks, sky and the same elements are transformed into mystical masters and guides, creating links of union power where man acquires the ability to unify the body, mind and spirit with Mother Nature.



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