Tuesday 04-06-2013
“QUOOB pon di MIC”
“On My Way!”



TRACKLIST_20:00/22:00[IT] – 19:00/21:00[UK]


1.TOOTS & The MAYTALS – Celia (Light your Lights – Fantasy Records)
2.ONLYJOE – Wicked Land (Wicked Land EP – Unit 137)
3.MANUDUB meets DUBMATIX feat. RANKING JOE – Give Thanks & Praises dub (soundcloud.com/manudub)
4.DUBBEMO meets LEAH IRIE – Rosier (soundcloud.com/dubbemo)
5.DU3NORMAL feat SHINYMAN – Jah Guides (Stepper mix – JnW Exclusive) (dandadarecords.bandcamp.com)
6.ALPHA STEPPA feat. LUTAN FYAH – Two Sacred Swords (Adam Prescott remix) (soundcloud.com/alphasteppa)
7.HAIRL meets JAH BUKIE – Give Dub Strength (soundcloud.com/hairl)
8.R.ESISTENCE IN DUB – Rastaman Liberation (Dziga remix) (facebook.com/pages/REsistence-in-Dub/120683356673?fref=ts)
9.BRIGHT STAR and TAR – Soldier (Dreamer EP – lostsystems.bandcamp.com)
10.ETHERNT – Citrus (soundcloud.com/ethernt)
11.SIMON/OFF – Too Cold (soundcloud.com/simon-off)
12.KOERTY – Beyonce Bootleg (Mokujin & 808 Fizz Version) (soundcloud.com/uk-garage-mokujin)
13.GHOST YOUTH – Isis (soundcloud.com/ghost_youth)
14.EL-B feat. MC D-TWIST – Ghost In Ur Stereo (Mokujin’s Dark Swing VIP) (soundcloud.com/uk-garage-mokujin)
15.MOONSHAPED – Siderius (Moonshape EP – 4Weed)
16.BAG-O-BEETZ – Frequencies of Liberation (soundcloud.com/bag-o-beetz-the-handyman)
17.RED |-_-| BOX vs ILKOBRA – Pissing To The Bass (Don’t Believe da Hype Vol.2 – Sostanze Records)
18.M3H – The Fall of Mankind (The Fall Of Mankind EP – Hopskotch Records)
19.SLUDGE JUNKIES – Maxi G (Loinal Moisties EP – Hopskotch Records)
20.Dr. ISRAEL feat. KILLAH PRIEST – Gangsta N Police (BissoMaN remix) (soundcloud.com/bissoman)





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