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This release is a very special one, because it is not only significant to the evolution and revolution of our vision here at Random Access, but also points out what special talent we have.

Always seaching low and high and in every corner of the globe we found a very talented producer from Cagliari, Italy that goes by the name of Jak.

He got our attention when we happen to stumble accross his latest offering on French netlabel HaPpy_MekAnism entitled “The Walk In Moon EP.”

Our release, which is entitled Dub Elements is very inspiring, comprehensive, and totally unique to say the least and is a sort of continuation of the deep, raw, minimal dub funk we heard before and fell in love with.

Simply put, this release is magnificent; fusing together back drop dark synth melodies with raw techno funk bass lines and precussion. We hope to have many more releases in the future from Jak. Enjoy!!!






Written, mixed, & produced by Jak in Cagliari, Italy.
Contact Jak:
Graphic Work done by Jak.
Published by Jak for Random Access Recordings.

Published on the internet by the Internet Archive Collection, (
All songs are copyrighted and rights reserved by the author and Random
Access Recordings.

This Work is licensed to the public via:

Attribution-Non Comercial-No Derivs-
ShareAlike 2.5 license.

Random Access Recordings is an independent based netlabel based in Detroit, MI U.S.A.
Contact: Marcus Watkins (





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