SOUNDTIPS → [ Various Artists – Dub Tentacles Vol.5 – Fresh Poulp Rec.]


After a previous compilation (Dub Tentacles Vol.4) quite dubstep , back to the roots with this fifth component. Big bass, skanks, kicks, melodica and horns are on the menu. Roots Dub with Norths American Dub Grammer and Burnett Town Sound, steppa with Du3normal, Unidub Estacion, Serious Dub, Dub Sounder or Radadub. Also Frensh Dub with deep  and underwater bass of Submarine FM and dub kitchen, perfectly mixed with MatDTSound alongside Woody Vibes and Sista Aude for vocals. Also Beautiful voice on the new  track by Fresh Poulp Souk System (the Fresh Poulp label crew) with the Romanian singer and producer Awen. Also we are proud to announce the first Awen’ep will be released soon on Fresh Poulp Records! Christmas is coming soon, eat and fill up on! – See more at:

Artist : Various Artists
Album Name : Dub Tentacles Vol.5
Cat : FPR070
Date of release : 08.11.13
Style : Dub

Masterised by Tsunami Wazahari
Cover by ddZ Ecoalaize

1 – Burnett Town Sound – What Didn’t // Soundcloud
2 – Du3normal – Dirt // Soundcloud
3 – Unidub Estacion Feat. Dan-I – Inna Dubplate Styla // Soundcloud
4 – Serious Dub – Boomstep // Soundcloud
5 – Submarine FM – McEddie’s House // Soundcloud
6 – Dub Grammer – Valiant Thor // Reverbnation
7 – Sista Aude Meets MatDTSound & Woody Vibes – Love Jah // Soundcloud
8 – Awen – Pyramid // Soundcloud
9 – Radadub – Muzically Fire // Soundcloud
10 – Dub Sounder – Amsterdamned dub // Facebook
11 – Fresh Poulp Souk System feat. Awen – Humanity // Soundcloud

All track are licensed to the public under Creatives Commons Licence By-Nc-Sa



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