SOUNDTIPS → [ JAH ROOTIKAL STEPPERS – Jah Rootikal Stepper (Dubkey)]




This is Dubkey’s first steppers album by a UK artist. ‘Jah Rootikal Steppers’ it says on the tin, and that’s exactly what you get!

Rasta-inspired heavy roots steppers, dubbed the way they should be!

As is the case with all steppers releases, the metronomic bass drum is king here. The bass is loud, and the melodica is present on most of the tracks. Other highlights include great percussion sounds, sirens, sick electronic effects, and a peculiar trombone!

‘Jah Rootikal Steppers’ features nuff innovative ideas but it also pays homage to the 70s originators of dub.

Playback on huge bass bins is highly recommended.


01. Jah Rootikal Kontrol
02. African Congo Dub
03. Try Harder Dub
04. Jah I Up
05. Babylon Can’t Control I
06. All A Dub
07. Iron Works Style
08. Rootikal Steps
09. Psychedelic Sci Fi Dub
10. Jah Call Dub
11. Zion Judgement
12. Zion Judgement (Manwel T Mix)



All tracks composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Si Gains 2013
Djembe on ‘Babylon Can’t Control I’ and ‘Jah I Up’ by Sam Aisthorpe
Melodica on ‘African Congo Dub’ by Ellis Blake
Vocals on ‘All A Dub’ by O Roy
Special thanks to Manwel T
Design by Alf Button




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