SOUNDTIPS → [pertin_nce 033] BLUEPULP – Blue grey green and Pink







Blue, Grey, Green and Pink, is Quebec producer Maxime Tanguay’s
latest exercise under his Bleupulp moniker and certainly,
his strongest effort to date. Marked with a heavy rhythmic signature,
sneaky ambiance and deeply interwoven harmonics,
the six track EP makes a strong case for a fusion of minimal,
dub-techno and experimentalism – an emerging trademark sound
of the Pertin-Nce netlabel.

Casual listeners and Djs will certainly have their choice
of any of these tracks to linger upon for setting an evocative
nighttime mood. (by Jenifer Clemente)

cover art by Yanni Ehm

Created by Quebec City producer Maxime Tanguay in 2005, Pertin-nce has been one of those nearly hidden netlabel treasures that has consistantly churned out a unique spectrum of offbeat electronica for the sheer pleasure of creation — patiently and steadfastly holding to an ethic of playful experimentation and open collaboration amidst an ever expanding and evolving digital music…


released 16 June 2010

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