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[DPH014] Dubsynaticx - Studio Dubs Part 1Daniel Rossmann, better known by his stage name Dubsynaticx, was born November 1982 in Vienna, Austria.
He inherited his passion for Reggae and Dub music from his father. From an early age he was a big fan of Inner Circle, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker UB40 and many other performers from the 90s.
Daniel also began to discover and learn the synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and piano during his childhood.
He was truly inspired by the Dub mixes of Scientist, Mad Professor, King Tubby.
Daniel quickly started to create his own Dub singles.
As he was interested in developing his professional technical skills, he attended various sound engineering workshops and maintains to continue his improvement in sound engineering.
His first web album “Powerful Water Dub” debuted on the Internet in 2005 received a plethora of positive feedback from Reggae and Dub fans from all over the world.
Two years later, in 2007, he released his first official single “Sunshine Dub”.
He was involved in various projects with other great artists, among others with Madi Simmons and Sammy Gold and in 2013 Dubsynaticx launched his own Record Label “Tone-Echo Music”, under which he released in March 2014 the single “Shining Dub”.

“Studio Dubs Part 1” is Dubsynaticx’s first release on Dubophonic and is out for free download, sharing some festive Easter vibrations.

Daniel Rossman’s inspiration has always been the works of the great dub masters of Jamaican music and this is clear to hear to be heard in his work. Nevertheless, he manages to add his personal tweaks through his sound engineering skills setting his own style and striking with a 10-track dub album full of vibes.

All tracks have this retro skanking dub feeling, but still sound fresh and vibrating.

Whether it is due to the irieness of “Dubconscious”, the skanking guitar riddim of “Salt and Pepper Dub” or the heartikal singing of Madi Simmons on “Love Serenade”, the album succeeds in spreading those positive vibes in each and every way.

The inclusion of three vocal tracks in the album and the guest appearances of Sammy Gold (properly dubbed), Madi Simmons and Goldtea, definitely adds value to an already good work worth of listening.



The Austrian Daniel Rossmann aka Dubsynaticx was one of the first artists that were approached by Dub Thomas back in the first half of 2013, as the netlabel was making its first steps.
It took nearly one year for Dubsynaticx to finalise this work, but at last we are able to announce its official release next Sunday, 20th of April 2014.
“Studio Dubs Part 1” is actually what the title says, a collection of old school dubs ina skanking style, which will add a great laid-back mood to your Easter holiday. 
A small oasis of retro vibes, tribute to the old kings of dub music, that shines among the mist of the digital steppa age of today … and as the title of the release implies, there will be also a part 2! Along side with him the voices of Sammy Gold, Madi Simmons and Goldtea.
Here is a track from the coming release, to get you into the mood. Enjoy some warm and sunny vibes from the “cold” Austria.
[DPH014] Dubsynaticx – Studio Dubs Part 1

Artist: Dubsynaticx

Title: Studio Dubs Part 1
Cat: [DPH014]
Genre: Dub / Reggae
Country: Austria
Release date: 20-04-2014
CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0


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SOUNDTIPS → [dojo label] BASS CULTURE PLAYERS – Dub schooling EP






Dojo label strikes back with a powerful EP discharge.

Dub Schooling is Bass Culture Players forceful return, where Puppa Shan revisits Junior Delgado “Dub School”.

Another sample of this factory’s determined sound, such as that found in Temple Riddim.



Two of the most talented singjays in the schoolyard succesfully face Bass Culture Players high voltage.

An energetic dose of tension and delivery.
Yeyo Pérez uses his muscular beat in ‘Music a Go Heal’, an absolute dancecrasher.

Another proof of this artist’s indisputable lingual versatility, jumping from spanish to english and form colloquial to political.

George Palmer counteracts on the other side, with his fluctuating and calmed style.

Accelerating here, slowing down there.

Giving what only some can give: the feeling of a rhythm fitting to his lyrics, and not the opposite.
If the contrast between both singers is one of the remarks, Puppa Shan polishes this release to the limit in both ‘Healing Dub’ and ‘Dub a Dub Style’, dry and sharp the former, and evanescent the latter.
Cohesion and contrast.



Two musical qualities that will be enjoyed in this interplay of musical pairs sealed at Discoinferno, Digital Dub School from Madrid!



Yeyo Pérez – Music a Go Heal
Bass Culture Players – Healing Dub
George P – Inna “Rub a Dub” Style
Bass Culture Players – Dub a Dub Style

Mixed by Puppa Shan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.
Mastered by Oscar Pablos “Ojah” @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.
Produced by Puppa Shan, Madrid 2014.


Under creative commons license 3.0. Spain




SOUNDTIPS → [sirona records 453] I GET HIV ON TELEVISION – Dub experience



01 – Intro
02 – Torpid Love
03 – Atrabilaire amoureux
04 – Befreiung

Total: (8:37)


I Get HIV On Television Website
Sirona-Records Website





SOUNDTIPS → [Jus like music records] JESSE FUTUREMAN- Hidden Basement




Hidden Basement is a collection of unreleased tracks, b-sides and remixes.
Some of it was at one point going to be another EP, but now all of the material has been gathered together to represent sounds both during and after Jesse Futerman’s ‘Basement’ series of EPs for Jus Like Music Records.
A very fitting, and sonically fulfilling conclusion to the series.
This release showcases a number of Jesse’s different styles, including some more uptempo house-style tracks, while some of it will definitely resonate with those familiar with the three previous EPs.In Jesse’s own words, “Many of these tracks were made after my third EP (Exquisite Basement), around the time I started toying with house music more and more. ……………………


Deebs helped me on one of the tracks (Lonely Soul), he had come over quite a few times to work on it and I was very happy with the result.

Ryan (Hemsworth) enjoyed a beat I was working on called Santiago and requested the stems – the result is the remix on this release.

I’d been a long-time fan of kidkanevil and I freaked out when he remixed my track (A Good Man Is Gone) – been listening to him for many years.”



released 22 April 2014
Label: Jus Like Music Records
Cat No.: