SOUNDTIPS → [Jus like music records] JESSE FUTUREMAN- Hidden Basement




Hidden Basement is a collection of unreleased tracks, b-sides and remixes.
Some of it was at one point going to be another EP, but now all of the material has been gathered together to represent sounds both during and after Jesse Futerman’s ‘Basement’ series of EPs for Jus Like Music Records.
A very fitting, and sonically fulfilling conclusion to the series.
This release showcases a number of Jesse’s different styles, including some more uptempo house-style tracks, while some of it will definitely resonate with those familiar with the three previous EPs.In Jesse’s own words, “Many of these tracks were made after my third EP (Exquisite Basement), around the time I started toying with house music more and more. ……………………


Deebs helped me on one of the tracks (Lonely Soul), he had come over quite a few times to work on it and I was very happy with the result.

Ryan (Hemsworth) enjoyed a beat I was working on called Santiago and requested the stems – the result is the remix on this release.

I’d been a long-time fan of kidkanevil and I freaked out when he remixed my track (A Good Man Is Gone) – been listening to him for many years.”



released 22 April 2014
Label: Jus Like Music Records
Cat No.:




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