…is to spread the Dub echos all over the place, to penetrate your ears and mess up your stomach and shake your belly with low frequencies, those low frequencies that make you want to hide in the dark a begin your trip where the only delay will be the Dub delay, the metallic Jungle will be the rails under your wheels and the Drum’n’Bass you refreshments trolley and the Dubstep the unexpected ticket dude while you stepping into the dreamily r.e.m. zone of this sound journey!        

…there are two guys,two friends obsessed with music, hooked on anything that creates vibrations and music, anything that fills up the silence. “Tre791” from Rome and  “Quoob” from Rome but Edinburgh based will drive you on a no-stops-tour…one way tickets only!

Is dedicated to everyone still believes in collaboration,sharing. Is dedicate to anyone who believes that alone we fall, is dedicated to anyone once to be part of it with dj sets, podcasts, releases. To anyone is looking for a space to showcase his work or ideas. Is for those who love the vinyl but play with digital, for those who want to be in a world of JUNGLE’n’WOBBLES!!!


…’cause we felt there was the need to create a scene that would fly from Rome to Edinburgh and around, that scene deeply rooted into the UK culture but that still in Italy sneaks quiet and silent close to the ground traveling only through powerful bassline that  only hidden artists allow to shake, so…WHY NOT?

5 thoughts on “MEET US

  1. great concept, looking forward to meet once!
    add me on fb, wim ginjah!

  2. Greetings,

    where can I email you?

    I have a net label I would love to share with you



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